Cyber-Trust: Meeting the Needs of Information Sharing Between ISPs and LEAs

Giovana Bilali, Dimitris Kavallieros, George Kokkinis, Pavlos Kolovos, Dimitrios Katsoulis, Theodoros Anatolitis, Nikos Georgiou, Nicholas Kolokotronis, Olga Gkotsopoulou, Clement PAVUE, Stefano Cuomo, Simone Naldini, Stavros Shiaeles, Gohar Sargsyan

Onderzoeksoutput: ChapterSpecialistpeer review


This chapter presents the Cyber-Trust cyber-threat intelligence, detection, and mitigation platform, which delivers solutions for enhancing the security of the Internet of things, showcasing its value for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and how they will be assisted in accessing, viewing, and receiving information that potentially holds digital evidence of specific cyber-crimes against Internet service providers and smart homes, in a timely manner. We present how information from different software components (e.g. Blockchain), when integrated based on the needs of the end-users, can greatly assist in the detection and correlation of digital evidence and the collaboration between the LEAs and providers. The challenges imposed by the national and European legislation are further discussed along with possible ways to address these shortcomings via the Cyber-Trust platform.
Originele taal-2English
TitelTechnology Development for Security Practitioners
ISBN van elektronische versie978-3-030-69460-9
ISBN van geprinte versie978-3-030-69459-3
StatusPublished - 25 jun 2021


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