Cybersecurity, its many actors
 and the Human Rights Message. Foreword

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If the term Cybersecurity has no fixed meaning, but depends for its definition on the actor using it, this book just does the right thing: by showing the plurality of actors involved in this issue, but by repeating the human rights message throughout most pages, in particular the one about proper balancing and proportionality, it makes sure the message reaches it’s target. Given these facts, this book is qualified as a precious contribution to the ever-increasing and evolving cybersecurity issues, creating field not only for academic reflection and discussion but also for practical solutions and answers in policy requests.

Originele taal-2English
TitelCybersecurity and Human Rights in the Age of Cyberveillance
RedacteurenJoanna Kulesza, Roy Balleste
UitgeverijRowman & Littlefield
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ISBN van geprinte versie9781442260412
StatusPublished - 2016


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 and the Human Rights Message. Foreword'. Samen vormen ze een unieke vingerafdruk.

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