D6.2 Citadel Evaluation Report

Shenja Van Der Graaf, Carina Maria Veeckman

Onderzoeksoutput: Commissioned report


After almost three years of Citadel experience, this document collects and evaluates all the results and outputs from all work packages, including the pilot data captured in WP5. Findings have been collected on a continuous basis, and were set up according to the Living Lab methodology (external evaluation track) and benchmarking methodology (internal evaluation track). The Citadel methodological framework, which was initially defined in D6.1 Strategic Evaluation Methodology, aims to produce systematic insight into the factors that underlie the usability experiences and technology acceptance of the Citadel solution in particular, as well as the acceptance and value of the project in general. For the evaluation, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used, in order to collect feedback on the users' stances towards the usage of the solution and to capture further development suggestions. The results of the evaluation processes, captured in the pilot cities' Living Labs, were periodically reported in deliverables of T5.2 and communicated towards the technical development team.
This deliverable D6.2 Evaluation report analyses all these outcomes in order to provide statistics, feedback, achievements and lessons learned for the whole consortium, and especially for WP2. By doing so, a full-end-end evaluation of the project and pilot is enabled that answers the following research questions:
* What were the main determinants affecting the user experience?
* What were the main determinants affecting the level of tool acceptance?
* What influenced the intention to use, according the different target audiences?
* How did internal processes evolve, and which aspects (did not) work?
* What were the main lessons learned of the Living Lab processes / technical
processes / participation and sustainability processes?
Based on this input, WP2 can formulate the necessary requirements and recommendations about how a common approach for using open data and mobile technology to create mobile services, could be established. These common standards will eventually form part of the Citadel's sustainability offering.
The last deliverable of this work package, D6.3 Proof-of-Concept Results, will evaluate the collected results of the proof-of-concept phase (interoperability and shared service creation), the overall acceptance level (uptake of Citadel solution) and value-related aspects of the Citadel solution (e.g., efficiency, openness, etc.). In this document, some preliminary results are already presented.
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StatusPublished - 2014


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