Design and development of a digital intervention for workplace stress and mental health (EMPOWER)

Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis, Jessie Shepherd, Jessie Gevaert, Karen Van Aerden, Christophe Vanroelen, Oriol Borrega, Laura González Recio, Renaldo M. Bernard, Ellen Vorstenbosch, Paula Cristóbal-Narváez, Mireia Felez-Nobrega, Carlota de Miquel, Dorota Merecz-Kot, Kaja Staszewska, Marjo Sinokki, Päivi Naumanen, Leona Hakkaart-Van Roijen, Fréderique van Krugten, Marleen de Mul, Josep Maria HaroBeatriz Olaya

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We describe the design and development of the European Platform to Promote health and wellbeing in the workplace (EMPOWER) digital intervention that provides an integrative user programme meeting the needs of employees and employers in addressing work stress.

A user-centred design process was followed from January 2020 until November 2021. A tailored algorithm was developed to provide support at the individual employee level and the company level. Each element of the digital intervention was developed in English and then translated in Spanish, English, Polish and Finnish. The digital intervention consists of a website and a mobile application (app) that provides algorithm-based personalised content after assessing a user's somatic and psychological symptoms, work functioning, and psychosocial risk factors for work stress. It has a public section and an employer portal that provides recommendations to reduce psychosocial risks in their company based upon clustered input from employees. Usability testing was conducted and showed high ease of use and completion of tasks by participants.

The EMPOWER digital intervention is a tailored multimodal intervention addressing wellbeing, work stress, mental and physical health problems, and work productivity. This will be used in a planned RCT in four countries to evaluate its effectiveness.
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TijdschriftInternet interventions
StatusPublished - dec 2023

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