Design Requirements for Crop-Specific Online and Web-Based Portals

Isaac Nyabisa Oteyo, Philip Apodo Oyier, Stephen Kimani

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Legumes such as common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) continue playing a critical role in making developed and developing economies food sustainable as alternative sources to animal proteins. The crops bring together different stakeholders in their value chain such as farmers, service providers, researchers and policymakers. Web-based portals are emerging as important tools that these different stakeholders can use to perform various tasks, access, and share vital information pertaining to common beans. However, designing portals that are specific to common beans has not been given adequate consideration in the literature. In this study, we administered a survey to profile challenges and design requirements for web-based portals that are specific to common beans. We present the survey findings in this paper. The findings provide useful insights to researchers and industry in developing future agricultural web-based portals, and can be applied to portals on other crops or different domains.
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StatusPublished - 20 nov 2021

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