Determination of Aquitard Storage from Pumping Tests in Leaky Aquifers

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The management of groundwater resources requires a thorough understanding of ground- water flow and storage. Aquitards, in particular, can store large amounts of groundwater, but are generally often overlooked or ignored in groundwater surveys. In this study, we show how a pump- ing test performed in a leaky aquifer can be used to estimate the storage coefficient of an overlying aquitard. A new analytical solution is presented for a constant-rate pumping test in a leaky aquifer taking into account the water released from storage in the aquitard. The utility of the method is demonstrated by a practical application using data from a pumping test conducted in a semi-confined sandy aquifer overlain by an aquitard consisting of a mixture of clay and sand. The results obtained show that the solution enables the accurate calculation of the storage properties of the aquitard.
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StatusPublished - 26 sep 2023

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  • storage coefficient; storativity; aquitard; pumping test; leaky aquifer; semi-confined aquifer


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