Development of DGT sampler for monitoring estrogenic activity in water with ERE-CALUX bioassay - Poster @ DGT 2017

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Monitoring the estrogenic effects of these compounds demands efficient, simple and sensitive techniques. In this study, a combination of a new type of diffusive gradients in thin-film (DGT) technique with an estrogen responsive element-chemically activated luciferase gene expression (ERE-CALUX) bioassay was developed. The performance of this novel method was assessed with 17β-estradiol (E2) as the model steroid hormone, XAD 18 resin gel as binding phase in the DGT method and VM7Luc4E2 cells (formerly BG1Luc4E2) for the ERE-CALUX bioassay. The laboratory tests showed that DGT components and the experimental matrix do not influence the estrogenic activity of ERE-CALUX cells. The effective diffusion coefficient of steroid hormones in agarose diffusive gel was 5.16 ×10-6 cm2s-1 at 25 °C. The detection limit of this combined DGT/ERE-CALUX method for a 1 day sampling period (0.026 ng L-1of E2), is significantly lower than that obtained by active sampling combined with GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS analysis. This method was independent of pH (5-8),ionic strength (0.001-0.5 M) and dissolved organic matter (DOM) concentrations(0-30 mg L-1). The estrogenic effects of steroid hormones of effluent in Beijing sewage treatment plant determined by DGT for a 6h deployment time were comparable to those measured by an active sampling method, within a relative standard deviation of 20%. This study demonstrates that DGT combined with ERE-CALUX is an effective tool for pre-concentrating steroid estrogens and possibly also in the monitoring of estrogenic activity in wastewaters.
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StatusPublished - 6 sep 2017
EvenementDGT 2017 Conference - Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach Hotel, Broadbeach, QLD, Australia
Duur: 6 sep 20178 sep 2017


ConferenceDGT 2017 Conference
StadBroadbeach, QLD
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