Development of novel surface treatments for corrosion protection of aluminum: self-repairing coatings

Makoto Chiba, Chinami Yamada, Haruka Okuyama, Minori Sugiura, Sven Pletincx, Hilke Verbruggen, Atsushi Hyono, Iris De Graeve, Herman Terryn, Hideaki Takahashi

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Two types of self-repairing coatings for the protection of Al and its alloys are reviewed: (1) organic coatings with capsules containing repairing agent and (2) porous anodic oxide films with inhibitor solution stored in the pores of the oxide film. First, polyurethane microcapsules containing liquid surface-repairing agents were synthesized and polyurethane coating with the capsules was painted on Al alloy specimens. After mechanical damage to the coating, self-repairing occurred by the reaction of water vapor in the air with the repairing agents released from the capsules. Second, porous-type anodic oxide films were formed on Al alloys, and the pores of the anodic oxide films were filled with inhibitor solutions, followed by application of a covering polyurethane layer. Inhibitors released from the pores efficiently protected the Al alloy substrate from corrosion arising from induced mechanical damage.

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TijdschriftCorrosion Reviews
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StatusPublished - 23 feb 2018

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