Did Whitehead and Einstein actually meet?

Ronald Desmet

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This paper establishes that in 1921 Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955) met in London. Not only did Whitehead attend Einstein's lecture at King's College on Monday, June the 13th, 1921, the two men also discussed relativity at Lord Haldane's place (Queen Ann's Gate, London) on Friday, June the 10th, and Saturday, June the 11th, 1921. However, Einstein was unable to understand Whitehead's interpretation of relativity, and hence, Whitehead was unable to exercise any influence on Einstein's interpretation.
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TitelResearching with Whitehead: System and Adventure
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NaamResearching with Whitehead: System and Adventure

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Franz Riffert and Hans-Joachim Sander


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