Evidence for the relationship between chronic pain and nutrition is mounting, and chronic
pain following cancer is gaining recognition as a significant area for improving health care in the
cancer survivorship population. This review explains why nutrition should be considered to be
an important component in chronic pain management in cancer survivors by exploring relevant
evidence from the literature and how to translate this knowledge into clinical practice. This review
was built on relevant evidence from both human and pre-clinical studies identified in PubMed,
Web of Science and Embase databases. Given the relationship between chronic pain, inflammation,
and metabolism found in the literature, it is advised to look for a strategic dietary intervention in
cancer survivors. Dietary interventions may result in weight loss, a healthy body weight, good
diet quality, systemic inflammation, and immune system regulations, and a healthy gut microbiota
environment, all of which may alter the pain-related pathways and mechanisms. In addition to
being a cancer recurrence or prevention strategy, nutrition may become a chronic pain management
modality for cancer survivors. Although additional research is needed before implementing nutrition
as an evidence-based management modality for chronic pain in cancer survivors, it is already critical
to counsel and inform this patient population about the importance of a healthy diet based on the
data available so far
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TijdschriftJournal of Clinical Medicine
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StatusPublished - feb 2022


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