Dissatisfaction and Burnout among Flemish emergency physicians: a qualitative study

Ine Van Bogaert, Catheline Depuydt, Said Hachimi-Idrissi

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Objectives: Emergency physicians have shown difficulties to combine their private and professional life. In addition to a very stressful environment, they have to deal with multiple sources of uncertainty. These factors may lead to psychological distress. The aim of this study is to determine the factors leading to dissatisfaction and burnout among Flemish emergency physicians (EPs). Which are the barriers hindering EPs to seek help and what are the potential solutions for this problem? Methods:This is a prospective, explorative qualitative study where seven Flemish EPs were interviewed. These were in-depth semi-structured interviews. The information from the interviews was analyzed using NVivo 12. Results:The common contributors were the working schedule, the increasing number of patients, the mental and physical impact of the job and the relatively low income. The most important barrier to seek help is the existence of an unforgiving medical culture. The solutions provided by the EPs are less patients and a better financing. Conclusion:Dissatisfaction and burnout are common among the EP profession. There is a need for awareness and a change in the unforgiving medical culture to a ‘no shame no blame culture’. Improvement of EPs’ work schedule and income to the level of other medical specialties are other important needs. Finally, reducing the number of patient contact at the emergency department, by highlighting the difference between medical urgency rather than personal convenience.

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TijdschriftActa Clinica Belgica
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StatusPublished - 2 sep 2020

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