structures sector is on this list. Temporary structures primarily define spaces and regulate the voids
between permanent constructions, but they can be designed for disassembly as a way to reuse the same
materials in different applications. This could further expand the flexibility of the systems to be rapidly
assembled and disassembled, rebuilt in different configurations, and to be easily transported from one
place to another. While deployable systems that deal with plate components like folded plates or curved
surfaces face many challenges and complexity in articulating viable structural solutions, the paper
focuses on designing double-curved plate modular components to fit together within a transformable
system. The plates component are to be adjustable into different spacial configurations. The paper
presents two main case studies that investigated double-curved plate components in a framework of
developing the project ReciPlyDome [1]. The first case study used adjustable plate slits, in which the
plate curvature can be controlled through adjustable slit surface connections. The second case study
used double-layered bending-active plates, in which the components consist of two connected bendingactive
plates. In Addition, the paper discusses possible configurations of those two modules in structural
sets based on polyhedral geometries or different surface tesselations. The resulting temporary systems
can be reconfigured in different shapes and sizes using the same components, and are demountable
systems with reversible dry connections. The paper also explores transformable kit-of-parts systems
through digital and physical models and undergoes design and structural analysis using visual coding
Originele taal-2English
TitelIntegration of Design and Fabrication
SubtitelProceedings of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures Annual Symposium 2023
RedacteurenYi Min Xie, Jane Burry, Ting-Uei Lee, Jiaming Ma
HoofdstukForm-finding and structural optimisation of interlocking discrete assemblages
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StatusPublished - 5 jul 2023
EvenementIASS 2023 - Melbourne, Australia
Duur: 10 jul 202314 jul 2023


ConferenceIASS 2023


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