Dynamical analysis of the cable stayed beam

Thomas Vandenbergh, Jan Van Steirteghem, Willy De Wilde, Philippe Samyn

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Within the framework of sustainable development we strive for constructions with a minimum volume. When
only static loads are considered, D. Debacker [3] proves that at conceptual design stage, the cable stayed beams
can offer considerable volume reductions with respect to other traditional structural typologies, especially
statically determinate beams. These results are obtained by using morphological indicators (MI) and are
reconsidered in the light of resonance phenomena.
MI are dimensionless numbers that represent a property of a structure (e.g. volume, stiffness) and depend only
on a small number of variables (e.g. the slenderness of the structure). This allows to compare the efficiency of
structures objectively and are thus a valuable tool at the conceptual design phase. Up to now, dynamic effects -
such as resonance - were not considered when designing constructions with MI. However, an optimum obtained
by purely minimising the volume on the basis of strength often results in solutions with problematic dynamic
behaviour. To avoid resonance the stiffness and/or the damping must be modified. This implicates a volume
increase, additional equipment and a cost increase. With an optimisation process that involves dynamic
behaviour at conceptual design stage, an optimum can be obtained without the necessity of these a posteriori
interventions, which partly annihilate the main criterion of minimisation of the used volume.
Without damping these vibration effects can be avoided by increasing the stiffness of the construction (in
proportion to its mass). By doing so the natural frequencies of the construction are increased and do not lie in the
range of the excitation frequencies. The impact of this design modification can lead to a considerable volume
increase. Here, the volume increase of the simple cable stayed beam is assessed and compared to that of the
statically determinate beam.
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TitelProceedings of IASS-APCS Conference on New Olympics, New Shells and Spatial Structures, Beijing, China, 16-19 October
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UitgeverijInternational Association Shells and Space Structures
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StatusPublished - okt 2006
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NaamProceedings of IASS-APCS Conference on New Olympics, New Shells and Spatial Structures, Beijing, China, 16-19 October



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