Early perspectives on the development of A certifiable data-driven lifetime assessment methodology.

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While the majority of modern offshore wind farms (OWF) (+6MW wind turbine generators, WTG) in Europe are in the early phase of their design lifetimes the end-of-life discussions are already taking place. The design of these monopiles is most often driven by fatigue. Therefor, the offshore wind industry is increasing its interest to gain knowledge about the consumed fatigue. In addition, the industry is keen for opportunities for lifetime extension. This research aims to contribute to this interest by a data-driven lifetime assessment approach.
This poster presents (i) our perspectives on the development a certifiable data-driven lifetime assessment methodology and (ii) a recently performed pilot case of a data-driven lifetime assessment from an operational OWF. The objectives of pilot case are to quantify the lifetime consumption, projection of possible lifetime extension for various assumptions and concise reporting thereof. The work has been performed in the context of a PhD position within Supersized 4.0[1] to develop a certifiable data-driven methodology and corresponding toolbox for the assessment of the consumed and expected lifetime of instrumented WTG substructures.
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StatusPublished - 2021
EvenementWindEurope conference: ElectricCity 2021 - Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
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