Easing Construction of Smart Agriculture Applications Using Low Code Development Tools

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Smart agriculture applications are a promising path to the future of modern farming. Building smart agriculture applications is a complex undertaking that requires considering different factors, such as the technology that can be used to implement the applications. These factors require advanced skills in software construction, such as handling the distributed setting for smart agriculture applications. As such, implementing smart agriculture applications requires engaging experienced developers with the skills to tackle the issues mentioned above. Low code development tools have risen that domain experts (e.g., agricultural extension workers that give advice to farmers) outside software engineering can use to construct software applications. The low code development tools provide visual programming environments that developers can use intuitively to construct applications. However, the existing low code development tools do not offer support for low infrastructure networking that sensors can use to communicate directly to mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets), computation at the edge, and offline accessibility capabilities at the edge that are crucial for smart agriculture applications. In this paper, we present DisCoPar-K, a low code development tool that supports the properties mentioned above for implementing smart agriculture applications. We show how DisCoPar-K can improve the development of smart agriculture applications by implementing smart agriculture use cases on it.
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TitelMobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services
Subtitel19th EAI International Conference, MobiQuitous 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, November 14-17, 2022, Proceedings
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Evenement19th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services - Pittsburgh, United States, Pittsburgh, United States
Duur: 14 nov 202217 nov 2022
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Conference19th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services
Verkorte titelEAI MobiQuitous 2022
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This work is supported by the Legumes Centre for Food and Nutrition Security (LCEFoNS) programme which is funded by VLIR-UOS. The programme is a North-South Collaboration between the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (both in Belgium) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya).

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