Edemas of the face and lymphoscintigraphic examination

Pierre Bourgeois, E Peters, A Van Mieghem, A Vrancken, G Giacalone, A Zeltzer

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Facial edemas not secondary to surgery and/or radiotherapy for head and neck cancer are relatively uncommon. Our aim is to report a retrospective analysis of the lymphoscintigraphic and SPECT-CT investigations obtained in patients with such facial edema. Retrospective review of exams (planar imagings in all and with SPECT-CT in 5) obtained after the subcutaneous injection of 99mTc HSA Nanosized colloids between the eyebrows in five men and seven women. Four main lymphatic pathways were identified on sequential planar imagings: para-nasal left and right and supra- ocular left and right. For eleven patients, the absence of visualization of lymphatic drainage and/or their delayed appearance correlated well with the localisation of the edematous areas. In two patients with post-traumatic and post- surgical edemas, SPECT-CT showed one deep left sided cervical lymph node (LN) in front of the first cervical vertebra. This lymphoscintigraphic approach represents a simple and valuable way to assess the lymphatic drainage pathways of the face and to establish the diagnosis of facial lymphedema.

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Aantal pagina's7
TijdschriftScientific Reports
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StatusPublished - 19 mrt 2021


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