Effect of nanoclay dispersion on modulus and on adhesion strength of an epoxy resin (P031)

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Epoxy resins are one of the widely used resins in composite applications due to their superior physical and chemical properties, but they lack superior mechanical properties . Several attempts have been made by various researchers to improve the mechanical properties of epoxy resins, e.g., by incorporating nanoclay, nanotubes, etc. In this work nanoclay (Cloisite 30B, supplied by Southern clay products) was used to improve the mechanical properties of an epoxy resin. The effect of incorporation of nanoclay on adhesion strength of the epoxy towards the aluminium (AL2024) substrate was also checked. Different weight fractions of nanoclay (0% to 3% on total weight of resin) were mixed with the resin by a high speed mixer. Nanoclay dispersion was checked by X-ray diffraction (WAXD) analysis. X-ray diffraction results show an intercalated stage of mixing between nanoclay and resin. Mechanical properties of epoxies and epoxy nanocomposites were measured according to ASTM standard D638. Pull-off testing (in accordance with ISO 4624) was carried out to measure the adhesion strength between epoxy resin and aluminum substrates and between epoxy nanocomposites and aluminum substrates. The results indicate that the tensile modulus of the epoxy systems is enhanced with the addition of nanoclay and also that incorporation of nanoclay has a positive influence on the adhesion strength.
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TitelBelgian Polymer Group Annual Meeting 2013 (BPG 2013), May 16-17 (2013), Houffalize, Belgium
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StatusPublished - 16 mei 2013


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