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The aim of this study was to investigate whether playing music during PE lessons had an impact on the intrinsic motivation of high school students, including enjoyment, competency, freedom of choice and stress. Using a mixed method approach, intrinsic motivation of 40 students (25 girls, 15 boys) was surveyed. The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory was combined with a focus group discussion to collect pupils’ and teacher’s perceptions. Data analysis showed motivation scores to be significantly better during PE with music than PE without music. This difference was also reflected for joy or interest, with pupils experiencing more joy during PE with music. Students reported feeling more enthusiastic with music, which gave them more energy; they participated with higher motivation and had more fun. In addition, the combination of increased concentration and self-confidence resulted in higher competence scores during PE with music. No significant differences were found for freedom of choice and stress in either condition. It can be concluded that playing music during PE positively influences students’ intrinsic motivation. More specifically, the influence of music is mainly found in increased students’ perception of enjoyment, interest and sense of competence. The findings of this study should be the impetus for PE teachers to implement music more often.
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StatusPublished - 16 mei 2023


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