Belgium is in a transition from paper-based prescriptions to electronic prescriptions (ePrescriptions). Since patients still receive a paper proof of the ePrescription, this proof is sometimes used as a paper-based prescription. In this study, the frequency of incorrect use of the paper proof was evaluated and possible reasons for incorrect use were hypothesized. In 10,000 prescriptions, 226 ePrescriptions (2.26 %) were handled incorrectly. Possible reasons for this handling are (1) non-compliance of the community pharmacist; (2) errors in software or handling of the community pharmacist; (3) errors at the prescriber side or patient tries to fraud; (4) incorrectly revoking the ePrescription; and (5) errors in prescriber's software. The presence of incentives and penalties might help in preventing this erroneous type of handling.
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ConferenceEFMI STC 2019 ICT for Health Science Research

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