Energy and Law. A Critical Approach to the Cuban Context

José Grabiel Luis Cordova, Ailín Dueñas Rodríguez, Koen Byttebier, Yanelys Delgado Triana

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This research is aimed at studying the main deficiencies of the legal framework for energy in Cuba. Throughout this article, theoretical, legal and practical foundations are sought that make it possible to demonstrate the need for a legal system that is adapted to the Cuban reality and that regulates the most important elements related to the generation, distribution and commercialisation of energy. The theoretical analysis finds its starting point in the analysis of the energy as an object of legal regulation and its legal nature is dealt with. This constitutes a platform for the study of the energy legal framework in Cuba, where topics such as the current energy situation in Cuba, its commitment to sustainable development and the main institutions that govern energy in the country are presented. Finally, the article presents a comprehensive and critical analysis regarding the main deficiencies of energy legal regulation in Cuba. The exhaustive analysis of energy legislation in this area will make it possible to address the objectives set out at the beginning of the research.
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TijdschriftGlobal Jurist
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StatusPublished - 24 dec 2021


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