Enhanced test methods to characterise automotive battery cells

Grietus Mulders, Noshin Omar, Stijn Pauwels, Filip Leemans, Bavo Verbrugge, Wouter De Nijs, Peter Van Den Bossche, Daan Six, Joeri Van Mierlo

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This article evaluates the methods to characterise the behaviour of lithium ion cells of several chemistries and a nickel metal hydride cell for automotive applications like (plug-in) hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles. Although existing characterisation test methods are used, it was also indicated to combine test methods in order to speed up the test time and to create an improved comparability of the test results. Also, the existing capacity tests ignore that cells can be charged at several current rates. However, this is of interest for e.g. fast charging and regenerative braking. Tests for high power and high energy application have been integrated in the enhanced method. The article explains the rationale to ameliorate the test methods. The test plan should make it possible to make an initial division in a group of cells purchased from several suppliers.
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TijdschriftJournal of Power Sources
Nummer van het tijdschrift23
StatusPublished - 1 dec 2011


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