Enhancing student involvement in astronomy teaching

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1. Real time sky observations in the classroom
Since years, an astronomy introduction was taught to second year students in physics as a mixture of theory and exercises to learn to work with the equations and the derived laws. This year we replaced the exercises by a series of tutorials in which the students have to gather their own data with a robotic telescope in New Mexico and a virtual one. The data are then analyzed using the theoretical concepts. This approach, as well as the "ownership" students obtain, leads to more student involvement and a better understanding of the concepts.
2. FAO, the Flemish Astronomy Olympiad
An important mission is to stimulate the interest in astronomy among young people in Flanders. To this end, the Flemish astronomical institutes and universities are undertaking action by organizing the first edition of the FAO. This contest for students in their last years of secondary education closely follows the concept recently introduced in the Netherlands.
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