Estimation and Mapping of the Transmissivity of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer in the Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Mustafa El-Rawy, Florimond De Smedt

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The Nubian sandstone aquifer is the only water source for domestic use and irrigation in the Kharga oasis, Egypt. In this study, 46 pumping tests are analyzed to estimate the transmissivity of the aquifer and to derive a spatial distribution map by geostatistical analysis and kriging interpolation. The resulting transmissivity values are log-normally distributed and spatially correlated over a distance of about 20 km. Representative values for the transmissivity are a geometric average of about 400 m 2/d and a 95% confidence interval of 100-1475 m 2/d. There is no regional trend in the spatial distribution of the transmissivity, but there are local clusters with higher or lower transmissivity values. The error map indicates that the highest prediction accuracy is obtained along the central north-south traffic route along which most agricultural areas and major well sites are located. This study can contribute to a better understanding of the hydraulic properties of the Nubian sandstone aquifer in the Kharga oasis for an effective management strategy.

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StatusPublished - 23 feb 2020


  • Nubian sandstone aquifer; transmissivity; Kharga oasis; well flow; pumping test; double porosity


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