Evolution of interacting binaries with a B-type binary at birth

Walter Van Rensbergen, Camiel De Loore, Kim Jansen

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We confine ourselves to binaries with a B-type primary at birth. We do so in order to obtain a large sample of observed Algol binaries. The most massive component at birth fills its Roche Volume after a while. The RLOF-material (RLOF = Roche Lobe Over Flow) hits its companion. The less massive component at birth will thus spin up and moreover will develop a hot spot. Rapid rotation and hot spots on gainer stars are frequently observed. The kinetic anergy of rapid rotation and the radiative energy of the hot spot are bot located on the gainer's equator. The sum of both energies overrules the binding energy of the equatorial material which is subsequently blown into space. This happens only during rapid RLOF. As a consequence binary evolution will follow the conservative rule during most of the evolution. Only during the very short lapse of time the evolution will follow the liberal rule in which matter is blown into the interstellar medium.
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TijdschriftAstronomy & Astrophysics
StatusPublished - 2006


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