Exchanging Medieval Material Culture. Studies on archaeology and history presented to Frans Verhaeghe

Koen De Groote (Redacteur), Dries Tys (Redacteur), Marnix Pieters (Redacteur)

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This volume, a collaboration between the Flemish Heritage Institute (VIOE) and Brussels Free University (VUB), is a collection of twenty two papers on material culture offered to prof. em. Frans Verhaeghe by his friends and colleagues from Belgium, Britain, The Netherlands, France and Denmark. Grouped in three sections - material culture, landscape and settlement, theory - these papers represent Frans Verhaeghe's fields of interest and work, in recognition of his contributions to the study of all aspects of material culture in a broad sense. His whole career he didn't only write about the exchange of material culture, he also 'exchanged' this knowledge to researchers and scholars throughout Europe.
The first section of this volume ranges over the field of material culture 'stricto senso', and mainly contains contributions about pottery studies, ranging from specific find groups, a classification system or special contexts to exclusive studies on production sites of Antwerp maiolica or s' Hertogenbosch red- and whiteware. But also other find groups are present, both specific studies on individual finds such as a urinal in lead and carved netting needles in wood and metal, as surveys on find groups such as cloth seals from Belgium or metal tripod ewers from Europe.
Most papers of the second section about landscape and settlement combine the study of archaeological data with written sources. The early medieval period is represented by contributions on subjects such as the Merovingian cemetery of Broechem, the tombs of chiefs in northwestern Gaul, the role of Ename in the pagus Bracbatensis, and the formation processes of a small town in Flanders. Other papers discuss the meaning of moated sites in coastal Flanders or the issue of waste disposal in medieval towns. The third section is represented by a massive paper on social theory and post-medieval archaeology.
The volume begins with a comprehensive overview of the career of Frans Verhaeghe and ends with a complete bibliography.
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