BACKGROUND: Physical exercise is an important element in the rehabilitation of chronic whiplash-associated disorders, with the physiological process underlying pain reduction called exercise-induced hypoalgesia. In chronic whiplash-associated disorders, exercise-induced hypoalgesia appears impaired, and the research suggests a relationship with symptoms of dysfunctional nociceptive processing, such as central sensitization. This study improves our understanding of exercise-induced hypoalgesia in chronic whiplash-associated disorders by examining the differences between the extent of exercise-induced hypoalgesia in subgroups based on scores on the central sensitization inventory (CSI).

METHODS: Data were collected from 135 participants with chronic whiplash-associated disorders who completed a set of questionnaires. Pain pressure thresholds and temporal summations were assessed before and after a submaximal aerobic bicycle exercise test.

RESULTS: We observed no interaction effect between exercise-induced hypoalgesia and the CSI scores for both pain pressure threshold and temporal summation. No overall statistical effect was measured in the analysis of the effect of time. The pain pressure threshold significantly related to the CSI. The temporal summation showed no correlation.

CONCLUSIONS: During this study, we did not find evidence for a difference in the presence of exercise-induced hypoalgesia when the subgroups were created based on the central sensitization cluster calculator. Limited evidence was found for the influence of CSI scores on the delta pain pressure threshold.

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