Current technological developments allow the testing of shared autonomous electric vehicles in real-life conditions. Consequently, we can evaluate how users react and if these developments might lead to more sustainable transport behaviour in the future. The purpose of this study was to capture public opinion regarding autonomous vehicles in terms of user experience and intended future use. Autonomous shuttles were operated in the Brussels Capital Region in a mixed traffic situation, allowing interaction with other road users. We compared the results of two pilots with different target groups in the same city. Public opinion was captured through an online survey after passengers had experienced a ride. Our results showed that more than 70% of the passengers expressed no concerns with regards to autonomous vehicles. The majority had a positive experience with the shuttle and evaluated the shuttle positively in terms of driving behaviour, entry and exit and comfort. The regression analysis indicated that enjoyment of the ride is an important factor that contributes to the intention to use autonomous shuttles in the future.
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StatusPublished - 13 okt 2020


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