Expert opinions on precarious employment in Flanders

Kim Bosmans, Christophe Vanroelen, Nele De Cuyper, Freddy Louckx, Stefan Hardonk

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Over the past decades the "standard employment contract" has been subjected to a process of "precarisation", including non-standard and more flexible forms of employment. Epidemiological evidence shows psychological and physical health complaints to be related with manifestations of precarious employment conditions. Nevertheless, the measurement of employment conditions is underdeveloped. This paper is part of a larger research project where an alternative approach is adopted by developing a multidimensional measure of employment precariousness that is based upon a power relations framework. As a point of departure it is assumed that precarious employment reflects an erosion of the traditional "fordist standard employment relationship", where the power disequilibrium between employers and workers was corrected by a number of mechanisms (such as collective benefits and rights, collective bargaining procedures and employment stability).
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TitelPoster presented at the VUB-Dag van de doctorandi
StatusPublished - 31 mei 2013
EvenementVUB PhD Research Day - Brussels, Brussels
Duur: 31 mei 201331 mei 2013


ConferenceVUB PhD Research Day
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