Exploring light-induced structural changes in mycelium materials

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Manufacturing processes powered by biology are gaining traction due to the ongoing environmental crisis, as is the case with mycelium materials. Filamentous fungi offer an alternative to a wide range of materials. Despite the rising interest from industry, limitations on scalability continue to pose problems for the implementation of mycelium-based materials, driven by a lack of understanding on the interconnections among fungal physiology, genetics, and mechanical properties.
Environmental parameters like light have a major effect on fungal growth and can act as a trigger for fruiting body formation (Sakamoto, 2018). Recent studies have demonstrated that not only can light affect the properties of the mycelium mat (Appels et al., 2018), but light receptors for different wavelengths are key agents in fungal morphogenesis (Corrochano, 2007; Fuller et al., 2015). However, previous studies have yet to identify the biologically relevant effects of different electromagnetic wavelengths on fungal growth.
To address this knowledge gap, this research pilot will test the effects of different wavelengths on fungal growth and morphogenesis. To this end, growth uniformity in three basidiomycete species will be assessed utilizing imaging tools, gravimetric measurements, FTIR, and mechanical tests and compared with the gene expression profiles of key light receptors.
Collectively, such a multifaceted approach will shed light on how different developmental stages influence the properties of mycelium mats. This work establishes a comprehensive pipeline for material characterization and paves the road for the utilization of light for the finetuning of fungal material performance, contributing to the development of next-generation mycelium-based materials.
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StatusUnpublished - jun 2023
Evenement8th Conference on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi: PYFF8 - Cork, Ireland
Duur: 5 jun 20238 jun 2023


Conference8th Conference on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi
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