Feasibility Study of Reconfigurability Between Different e-Bus Charging Concepts

Ashkan Pirooz, Foad Heidari Gandoman, Yousef Firouz, Joeri Van Mierlo

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Within the framework of ASSURED project, towards fast and smart charging solutions for electric urban heavy-duty vehicles, a feasibility study on reconfiguration of two pantograph automatic connection devices (ACD) concepts into each other is performed. The two concepts are categorized as inverted pantographs (also referred to as top-down, infrastructure mounted, or off-board), and roof-mounted pantographs (also referred to as bottom-up, or off-board). This research is conducted through direct collaboration of industry partners and includes all updates on fast charging pantographs in the market.
Detailed state of the art specifications of both concepts in mechanical, electrical, and communications points of view are taken into account. Both systems have been shown to work well in revenue bus systems, and basically achieve the same purpose with equal ability, namely, fast charging of the bus batteries at the end station of a bus route. However, both are obviously completely incompatible, a bus with a roof-mounted pantograph cannot charge at a charging station built for an inverted pantograph system due to different interfaces, and vice versa.
Since there are no mechanical compatibility between two concepts, reconfiguration study is focusing on infrastructure side, and vehicle side modifications. Removing an inverted solution and installation of a roof-mounted one, and vice versa, requires changes in the three aforementioned points of view as well as standardization aspects. Technical possibilities of switching between two pantograph solutions is the main goal which this research has achieved before the Global Public Transport Summit.
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StatusPublished - 9 jun 2019
EvenementUITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019 - Stockholm, Sweden
Duur: 9 jun 201912 jun 2019


ConferenceUITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019
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