Fluid Construction Grammar on Real Robots

Pieter Wellens, Joachim De Beule, Luc Steels

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This chapter introduces very briefly the framework and tools for lexical and grammatical processing that have been used
in the evolutionary language game experiments reported in this book. This framework is called Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG)
because it rests on a constructional approach to language and emphasizes flexible grammar application. Construction grammar organizes the knowledge needed for parsing or producing utterances in terms of bi-directional mappings between meaning and form. In line
with other contemporary linguistic formalisms, FCG uses feature structures and unification and includes several innovations which make the formalism more adapted to implement flexible and robust language processing systems on real robots. This chapter is an introduction to the formalism and how it is used in processing.
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TitelLanguage Grounding in Robots
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StatusPublished - 2012

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Luc Steels and Manfred Hild


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