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Creating isoscapes of bioavailable strontium (BASr) are a time-consuming, labour-intensive, and expensive process.
From my first solo sampling campaign in Ireland in 2012 to numerous team-sampling campaigns across Europe in
2022, our methodologies have significantly changed. Sampling strategies have improved and evolved thanks to the
inclusion of experts from different fields, while sampling itself has been made much easier with the help of smartphones,
digital maps and roaming. Plant processing has also changed from dry ashing to microwave digestion, allowing
a much higher throughput needed for large scale BASr mapping. Different mapping methodologies have also been
applied (from interpolation models and machine learning to domain mapping approaches) with pro’s and con’s.
This presentation highlights how these new methodologies and possibilities have shaped the current sampling strategies,
plants processing, and mapping possibilities. It discusses how these are adapted depending on the research question(
s) and area under study. It also provides some ideas for future work and collaboration with on-line open-access
databases such as IsoArcH.
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TitelWeaving Narratives: Abstract book 29th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting
UitgeverijEuropean Association of Archaeologists
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StatusPublished - 2 sep 2023
Evenement29th European Association of Archaeologists 2023 Belfast: Weaving Narratives - Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom
Duur: 31 aug 20232 sep 2023


Conference29th European Association of Archaeologists 2023 Belfast
Land/RegioUnited Kingdom


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