Fully Scalable Intraband Coding of Wavelet-decomposed 3D Meshes

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In this paper, a scalable intraband wavelet coding technique for semi-regular topology surface meshes is proposed. The choice of an intraband codec design is justified through an information theoretic analysis of the statistical dependencies between the wavelet coefficients resulting from a wavelet-based decomposition of the input 3D mesh. The bit-stream produced by the proposed codec is both resolution and quality scalable. This lies in contrast with well-known zero-tree based interband coding techniques that only support quality scalability. The experimental results show that, on average, the proposed codec outperforms the state-of-the-art zero-tree based interband codec in rate-distortion sense when using the L2 norm as target distortion metric.
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TitelIEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, DSP 2009, Santorini, Greece
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StatusPublished - 18 aug 2009
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