Generic method for emotional gesture generation for social robots: first validation

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Gestures for social robots are often preprogrammed off-line or generated by mapping motion capture data to the robot. Since these gestures are dependent on the robot's joint configuration, new joint trajectories to reach the desired postures need to be implemented when using a new robot platform with a different morphology. The method proposed here aims to minimize the workload when implementing gestures on a new robot platform and facilitate the sharing of gestures between different robots. The innovative aspect of this method is that it is constructed independently of any robot configuration, and therefore it can be used to generate gestures for different robot platforms. To calculate a posture for a certain configuration, the developed method uses a set of target gestures listed in a database and maps them to that specific configuration. The method was validated on a series of configurations, including those of existing robots.
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TitelFifth EUCoglll Members Conference, Bochum "embodied communication", 19-20 March 2014
StatusPublished - 19 mrt 2014
EvenementFifth EUCogIII Members Conference - Bochum, Germany
Duur: 19 mrt 201420 mrt 2014


ConferenceFifth EUCogIII Members Conference


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