Getting rich by giving sperm! This house believes that sperm donation can be commercialized: pro.

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ICSI has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility. Yet presently, assisted
reproduction using donor sperm is ubiquitous. Many couples still need sperm
donation and requests from same-sex couples and single parents are on the rise.
In most European countries there is a shortage of sperm donors. This
not only in countries where disclosure of a donor's identity is imposed, but
even in those countries where donations can be made anonymously. Shortage
leads inevitably to reproductive tourism and gray-zone donation via sperm
Only countries were commercial, i.e. for-profit sperm banks are operating
have no sperm shortage. This illustrates that sperm donation can only be driven by
an incentive which for most donors is only a catalysator and not a primary goal.
The recent introduction of European directives for cell and tissue banking
requires sophisticated and expensive investments and as a result regional nonprofit
sperm banks become under pressure. They become impractical and uneconomical
as subsidizing or support via the social security system is limited,
not allowed or totally lacking.
The Belgian model is a perfect example to illustrate that non-profit sperm
banks are getting under pressure and for-profit sperm banks gain more importance
in providing affordable high-quality treatment to patients in need of
sperm donation.
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