Giant fibrovascular polyp of the esophagus

Silke François, Claire Waldbillig, Luc Lasser, Michèle Ngassa, Mehdi Khamaktchian

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A 36-year-old woman regurgitated a voluminous sausage-shaped mass into the oral cavity ( A, B). She had regurgitated a smaller mass 2 years earlier, which she had reduced herself. Meanwhile, she was asymptomatic. Because of pregnancy she had not sought medical attention until now. Endoscopic examination showed an attachment at the level of the upper esophageal sphincter ( C). Radiologic workup by CT showed a left paraesophageal insertion. Surgical removal by suspension laryngoscopy was done ( D). Endoscopic control after 2 months showed a remainder of the pedicle (15 mm), which was resected by mucosectomy. The polyp (11 × 2.8 cm with a pedicle measuring 6.5 × 0.5 cm), was defined as a giant fibrovascular polyp on microscopic examination.
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TijdschriftGastrointestinal Endoscopy
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StatusPublished - feb 2019


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