Gradient in the electric field for particle position detection in microfluidic channels

Miguel Solsona, Eiko Y. Westerbeek, Johan G. Bomer, Wouter Olthuis, Albert van den Berg

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In this work, a new method to track particles in microfluidic channels is presented. Particle position tracking in microfluidic systems is crucial to characterize sorting systems or to improve the analysis of cells in impedance flow cytometry studies. By developing an electric field gradient in a two parallel electrode array the position of the particles can be tracked in one axis by impedance analysis. This method can track the particle's position at lower frequencies and measure the conductivity of the system at higher frequencies. A 3-D simulation was performed showing particle position detection and conductivity analysis. To experimentally validate the technique, a microfluidic chip that develops a gradient in the electric field was fabricated and used to detect the position of polystyrene particles in one axis and measure their conductivity at low and high frequencies, respectively.

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TijdschriftLab on a Chip
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StatusPublished - 21 mrt 2019

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