Guiding Service Composition in a Visual Service Creation Environment

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Current web service composition languages like BPEL require in-depth knowledge of these languages by the service composition designers. In this paper we present a high-level, visual Service Creation Environment (SCE). This SCE provides service composition templates, verification of compatibility and guidelines, and advanced separation of concerns through Aspect-Oriented Software Development. Composition templates are abstract descriptions of reusable compositions containing several placeholders for services. Services are verified to be compatible with the composition template when a service is mapped onto a composition template's placeholder. Composition guidelines such as QoS constraints can be added to the SCE and verified. The modularization of crosscutting concerns is supported by the SCE through the general-purpose Padus Aspect-Oriented Programming language and the possibility to add concern-specific languages on top of Padus. The SCE generates the appropriate BPEL processes given a complete and verified service composition.
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TitelProceedings of the 4th IEEE European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS 2006), Zürich, Switzerland
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StatusPublished - 5 dec 2006
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In Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS 2006), Zurich, Switzerland, December 2006. IEEE Computer Society. (to appear).


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