HIV-Related Stigma Among Youth Living With HIV in Western Uganda

Emmanuel Kimera, Sofie Vindevogel, Anne-Mie Engelen, Jessica De Maeyer, Didier Reynaert, Mugenyi Justice Kintu, John Rubaihayo, Johan Bilsen

Onderzoeksoutput: Article


We present an explanatory theory for HIV-related stigma from the perspectives of youth living with HIV/AIDS (YLWHA) in Western Uganda, on which the fight against this relentless stigma in this age group and locality can be founded. A constant comparative method was used to analyze textual data from in-depth interviews with 35 YLWHA, selected from three health facilities. A stigma process model for YLWHA was developed with the stigmatizing feelings and behaviors as the core category. Concepts delineating causes, consequences, and moderators of HIV-related stigma emerged from the data to complete the stigma process. The specific focus on YLWHA and contextual characteristics adds new dimensions to the understanding of HIV-related stigma that are scant in existing HIV-related stigma models. In light of our findings, research is necessary to identify context-specific strategies to overcome the deep-rooted causes of stigmatizing views and behaviors in all social spheres of YLWHA within Western Uganda.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)1937-1950
Aantal pagina's14
TijdschriftQualitative Health Research
Nummer van het tijdschrift10
StatusPublished - aug 2021


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