Hologram compression in quantitative phase imaging

Piotr Stępień, Raees Kizhakkumkara Muhamad, Peter Schelkens, Malgorzata Kujawińska

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With increasing demand on data storage and transmission compression has became an important issue in the holographic measurement community. In this work we propose a lossy compression approach designed for the offaxis image plane holograms: a popular type of holograms in digital holographic microscopy and its derivatives. The method utilizes the band-limitation of the signal and is an extension for any conventional image codec. Several codecs are investigated and reliable compression parameters that maintain the holographic measurement precision are presented.
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TitelProc. SPIE 11249
RedacteurenYang Liu, Gabriel Popescu, YongKeun Park
ISBN van elektronische versie9781510632615
StatusPublished - feb 2020
EvenementSPIE BiOS - San Francisco , California, United States
Duur: 1 feb 20206 feb 2020

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NaamProgress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE
ISSN van geprinte versie1605-7422


ConferenceSPIE BiOS
LandUnited States


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