How to Achieve Scalable Fork/Join on Many-core Architectures?

Mattias De Wael, Tom Van Cutsem

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Fork/Join is a parallel programming model that implicitly assumes uniform memory access. The transition from multi- to many-core architectures will render this assumption invalid, and consequently it is likely that Fork/Join in its current form will not scale. This research investigates implementations for Fork/Join to allow the transition to many-core.
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TitelProceedings of the 3rd annual conference on Systems, programming, and applications: software for humanity
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StatusPublished - 2012
EvenementSPLASH 2012 - Tucson, Arizona
Duur: 23 okt 201225 okt 2012


OtherSPLASH 2012
AnderThe Third Annual SPLASH Conference, held in Tucson, Arizona
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