Hypertrophic osteitis of the clavicle is a rare disease that occurs in children and adolescents. This condition can be considered a manifestation of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO)-an entity that also covers osteitis of the anterior chest wall (known as SAPHO in adults). Clavicular lesions most frequently present as a unifocal manifestation of CRMO. Bone scintigraphy can be used to recognize eventual multifocality and helps in the diagnostic process. Diagnosis of CRMO is based on exclusion, and especially in the case of unifocal disease with inconclusive radiographic appearance, biopsy is mandatory to rule out malignant lesions. CRMO is characterized by exacerbations and remissions of localized and sometimes systemic symptoms of inflammation. The clinical course of the disease is self-limiting and is unaffected by antimicrobial therapy. Treatment is conservative and consists of antiinflammatory drugs if necessary.
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StatusPublished - dec 2003


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