Imaging and therapeutic targeting of the tumor immune microenvironment with biologics

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The important role of tumor microenvironmental elements in determining tumor progression and metastasis has been firmly established. In particular, the presence and activity profile of tumor-infiltrating immune cells may be associated with the outcome of the disease and may predict responsiveness to (immuno)therapy. Indeed, while some immune cell types, such as macrophages, support cancer cell outgrowth and mediate therapy resistance, the presence of activated CD8+ T cells is usually indicative of a better prognosis. It is therefore of the utmost interest to obtain a full picture of the immune infiltrate in tumors, either as a prognostic test, as a way to stratify patients to maximize therapeutic success, or as therapy follow-up. Hence, the non-invasive imaging of these cells is highly warranted, with biologics being prime candidates to achieve this goal.
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StatusPublished - mei 2022

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