Induction and in vitro culture of Arabidopsis thaliana crown gall tumours

M. Aerts, M. Jacobs, J. P. Hernalsteens, M. Van Montagu, J. Schell

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Tumours were induced on Arabidopsis thaliana by wounding the stem and infecting with Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains T37, C58 or Ach5. After about three weeks the tumours were excised and cultured in vitro on solidified medium without growth hormones. Both octopine (Ach5) and nopaline (T37 and C58) strains induce unorganised tumours on the plant. After excision and in vitro culture the T37 and C58 tumours immediately differentiate into teratomata and normal plants. The Ach5 tumours grow mainly as undifferentiated tissue, but also give rise spontaneously to teratomata and to a lesser extent to normal plants. The tumourous state of the callus tissue and teratomata was confirmed by the presence of octopine and nopaline.

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TijdschriftPlant science letters
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StatusPublished - 1 jan 1979


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