Interaction in English and non-native speakers’ senses of confidence and vulnerability

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Much previous research in second language learning had focused on the learners' cognitive or psycholinguistic states and processes of developing language competence. In SLA literature there is little empirical consideration about how advanced learners perceive the transit from their home country to an English-speaking society as sojourners and the impact of such transit on their sense of selves as speakers of English as a second language. The present study takes a sociocultural point of view to explore the learners' perception of changes in self in speaking English by moving from China to Australia. The exploration is particularly done by referring to learners' emotional feedback of the feeling of confidence and comfort versus the opposite denoting a sense of security or vulnerability experienced by learners in the interaction with English speaking Australians. The Data is obtained using in-depth interview method from five advanced Chinese speakers of English who come to Australian for their higher degree studies.
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TitelThe 29th Annual Congress of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, University of South Australia, July 2004: Adelaide, Australia.
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