Interlude I: Exploring Musical Integrity and Experimentation

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There is clearly a need by composers and performers to reflect upon the relation between score and sound and to question the complex in-between space or interface where both merge and are realised as music. At one side we have a score, a visual and spatial medium, transmitting traces of and offering ways to musical activity and reflection. At the other side we have music as an acoustical phenomenon: an aural, time dependent realisation of sounds and sound structures. These notions of score and sound are two fundamental poles of attraction in Western music tradition, as both are part of the ritual of a music performance. What happens between these two points, notated music and realised music, which are different material manifestations of the same process, music?
Score and sound reach each other by way of a third element, the actions of the musician. This implies the investment of the performer's body as a rich source of meaning. By bringing the body 'in tension' by way of practical immediate try-outs and artistic actions, 'intentions' of expression of the inherent -- explicit or implicit -- coded messages of different kinds and the emotional and aesthetic messages are conveyed.
As such the embodied tension merges with the musician's intention; as the musician's understanding of the music is projected in sound by way of the body, the body projects its own movements to fulfil the dynamical line of the intended music. The performer is not totally free, being bound by the score and its surrounding context, at the same time she or he is the medium that transforms that score into music. How should he/she render that music?
The article will answer this question with two reflections: a first upon the semiotic layers of a score, a second upon the notion of integrity and experimentation in the actions of the performer.
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Kathleen Coessens and Paulo de Assis


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