Internal organization, boundaries and integration of Ti-plasmid DNA in nopaline crown gall tumours

M. Lemmers, M. De Beuckeleer, M. Holsters, P. Zambryski, A. Depicker, J. P. Hernalsteens, M. Van Montagu, J. Schell

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Eight lines of nopaline crown gall tumours were analysed by Southern (1975) blot hybridization to determine the size, internal organization, boundaries, possible plant DNA integration and accuracy of transfer of the Ti-plasmid DNA segment (T-DNA) transferred from Agrobacterium tumefaciens to crown gall plant cells. The conservation of this T-DNA in tumour tissues and tissues derived from plants regenerated from crown gall teratomas was also studied. A defined plasmid segment (the T-region) of about 15 × 106Mr is accurately transferred and integrated into nuclear plant DNA without any major internal rearrangements. Furthermore, common composite fragments covalently linking the left and the right boundary of the T-region were observed, thus indicating either tandem duplications of integrated T-DNA segments or polymeric circles of T-DNA segments. The length of the transferred segment is not determined by size, since insertions in the T-region were found to be co-transferred with the T-DNA. The results indicate that sequences at the boundaries of the region may play a role in the transfer mechanism, although the right boundary could be replaced by a Tn1 insertion. Cells from plants regenerated from crown gall teratomas were shown to contain T-DNA without internal rearrangements but with minor modifications of the boundary fragments. In plants obtained from meiotic products of teratomaderived regenerated plants no T-DNA was observed.

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TijdschriftJournal of Molecular Biology
Nummer van het tijdschrift3
StatusPublished - 15 dec 1980


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