Introduction [Enforcing privacy]

Paul De Hert, Dariusz Kloza, Paweł Makowski

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The various contributions to the present volume are split into two parts, the first gathering invited comments. Blair Stewart, provides recommendations for helpful and practical cooperation from the global perspective. David Wright and Kush Wadhwa report how supervisory authorities themselves view cooperation and coordination and what barriers thereto they have identied. Paul De Hert and Auke Willems deal with the challenges posed by overlapping jurisdictions and requests for mutual legal assistance to fundamental rights. Finally, Dariusz Kloza and Antonella Galetta offer twenty-three recommendations towards the efficiency of cooperation between supervisory authorities. The second part comprises selected interventions from the final conference of the PHAEDRA project.
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TitelEnforcing privacy: lessons from current implementations and perspectives for the future
RedacteurenPaul De Hert, Dariusz Kloza, Pawel Makowski
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StatusPublished - 6 okt 2015


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