Introduction to the Workshop on Signals, Signs and Speech

Bart De Boer, Tessa Verhoef

Onderzoeksoutput: Conference paper


This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in the physical signals that are used to convey language and the potential precursors of these signals. The intention of the workshop is not so much to present entirely new results - the main conference would be excellent for that - but to find out which open questions remain, what new approaches would be possible and where (interdisciplinary) cooperations could be useful. Although the content of the workshop is exploratory and perhaps speculative in this respect, the science on which new ideas have to be based will play a central role. One of the workshop's main themes will be to look for new empirical ways to test ideas that have so far received no attention or have only been speculated about.
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TitelEvolang X Workshop on Signals, Speech and Signs
Plaats van productieVienna
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StatusPublished - 14 apr 2014
EvenementEVOLANG X Workshop on evolution of signals, speech and signs. - Vienna, Austria
Duur: 14 apr 201417 apr 2014


WorkshopEVOLANG X Workshop on evolution of signals, speech and signs.


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