Is ons beleid coherent genoeg voor echt natuurherstel?

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Over the past 50 years, despite the Natura 2000 network, we have not been able to stop biodiversity loss in Europe. Moreover, climate change will become one of the main factors in the further collapse of biodiversity in this century. With the extinction of several species in a short period of time, their ecological interactions may also disappear, such as pollination of plants by insects, which may have abrupt catastrophic consequences for ecosystems. In the process, living circumstances may become unsuitable for a lot of species, including humans, in a very short period of time.
Thus it will be all hands on deck to restore our ecosystems, including those outside nature reserves. The European Commission has realized this, launching a new nature restoration law to restore all ecosystems across Europe. The proposal faced strong headwinds, the cheese slicer was put in place, but after long negotiations, a version remained that still offers opportunities.

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This article was published as a reaction on the Council and Parliament's revision on the proposal of the nature restoration law.


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